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Originally Posted by atomdanger View Post
Easy to TD and keep down for who? (Henderson and Sonnen).

GSP isn't Sonnen or Hendo, for one he isn't nearly as big as either of those guys,
I've met them both, and they're both really big guys,
I know he isn't as big but that's not the point, GSP has successfully outwrestled the best wrestlers at 170 including Matt Hughes, Jon Fitch, and Josh Koscheck, all of whom are better wrestlers than Silva. Silva doesn't sprawl or make much of an attempt to keep guys from taking him down. GSP also has better timing between striking/takedowns than Sonnen and Hendo.

I don't think GSP would win, but it wouldn't be a complete and utter domination like everybody thinks.

Originally Posted by atomdanger View Post
I also don't think his top control would stop a sub.
I agree, I already stated that.
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