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Originally Posted by DonnaMaria View Post
YES!!!: jumping0001:

woops. sorry.

lol i hope i didn't get anything started.....

Originally Posted by cheachea View Post
I like GSP, but I think Silva would murder him. It could very well be close, but I think Silva will win. GSP should not fight him.
I would be more excited for Anderson Silva vs Bones Jones or Anderson Silva vs Fedor or even Anderson Silva vs Showgun.

The fact of the matter is, GSP fights to win,,, it is as boring as watching linoleum curl but he is good at it, he knows how to win, he doesn't know how to finish, he doesn't know how to entertain, he doesn't know how to showboat, he just wins,

i see gsp winning by unanimous decision, especially against a counterstriker like silva, AS can't really mount an offense, he just counters

GSP would have a wonderful game plan and he would implement it, AS couldn't rattle GSP and georges would win the chess match, even if he just ran away from AS and took him down once or twice, he would just do the bare minimum to win, with about a one in four chance of catching AS in a sub and a one in ten chance of catching him with a blow

however, AS only takes what his oppponents give him, and GSP is excellent at giving his opponents nothing to work with
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