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the whole article is kinda pointless.....

he is saying "real" martial artists don't fight for money and the ufc is just a money making entertainment biz ...... then says that dana white is running the ufc like an entertainment company and not a legitimate worldwide fight tournament to see who the best fighter in the world is.....well duh

it drives me crazy that people will complain about the fighters that win win with no pizazz, yet the style of fighting that wins, what one might call high percentage fighting, is really boring, then those same people will whine that the elites aren't fighting each other, but truth be told, the guys that put together long winning streaks are usually boring, it's a bit of a paradox

vitor vs AS was basically a snoozer til the front kick

so people seriously need to decide if they want the ufc to be an entertainment industry or a ranking system, cause they are two different things
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