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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I don't think GSP wants to fight Anderson. And to GSP, I think it would matter, a lot, if he lost to Anderson no matter the different weight class. GSP doesn't want to lose...period. IMHO And I do think he is going to lose in a fight with Anderson.

But, what if GSP were to win, what happens next? Would DW immediately give Anderson the opportunity to win it back? Is GSP going to bounce back and forth between WW and MW to defend both titles? I doubt it. I know as JB says this would be a superfight and draw a lot of viewers, but I guess I don't see how it will benefit either division. Benefit Silva or GSP, the UFC and the sport, yes, but the divisions themselves...or maybe that doesn't matter?

if gsp won he would retire and do something else for awhile, wrestle in 2016 or something

i think gsp is a gamer, i think he is a superior athelete and i think he is smarter than silva i think in a street fight AS would win all day, i think in mma gsp is going to win, in a somewhat boring way, he will try to catch AS but prolly won't

could you imagine how beefy a 185 gsp will be?
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