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Originally Posted by Chuck

Tyson is a bully and the easiest way to stop a bully is to stand up to him...

Ali had no problem standing up to fighters like Tyson..

Ali > Tyson
Tyson was raw, but I think Ali would have been able to weather the initial storm and stay on the outside landing shots until Tyson got frustrated. The later the fight went, the more it would play into Ali's hand. I have a hard time picking Tyson to ever win a fight against Ali unless he could somehow knock him out cold in the first 5 rounds.

Originally Posted by ChrisF
At their primes Tyson has the best style to beat Ali. Look at the guys who beat him with similar styles
Ken Norton and Spinks to some extent. Sure SPinks was not in Ali's prime but he had trouble with the style. Norton broke his jaw and almost broke his will. Tyson hits a lot harder and faster than Norton did.
Earnie Shavers hit just as hard if not much harder than Tyson did.

Granted, I would probably pick Mike over Earnie in their primes, but the point still stands.
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