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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
I've been hit twice: once by a little whiny emo brat in a purple Saturn rear-ended my while I was waiting to make a left turn, the other when a guy ran a stop sign & T-boned me. The only other time I've been in trouble is when I got busted for doing 89 in 65. Actually, I was doing more like 95-100, but the officer felt bad for me. It was 2am, & was on the way home from my girlfriend's place & I had work at 8:30. I told him I was tired & just try to go home, so he gave me a break on the speed. Had he put it over 90, it would have been reckelss endangerment, a felony charge.

I couldn't talk my way out of my one speeding ticket. It was a state officer in TX and those guys are not able to be manipulated. City/town cops....easy. My wreck totaled my mom's car. I got a really nasty bruise from the airbag. That was my worst injury.


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