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Dana's quote after the press-conference yesterday:

"I don't give a (crap) if he sits there and doesn't say a word for an entire press conference. As long as he shows up on Saturday night and fights, I'm fine with that. Listen, at the end of the day, we don't pay $50 to hear him speak. We pay to see him fight. As long as he shows up on Saturday and fights, that's all I care about. Everybody's so excited about this fight. Not just the other fights that are on the card, but this main event fight, because we know what both of these fighters are capable of doing. We all know. I'm going to be honest here -- I'm not going to be a promoter here, but let's be honest. This thing could be the most dynamic, incredible (freaking) fight we've ever seen -- or the worst staring competition in the history of mankind. All I care about is that both these guys come and let it go and fight the fight we know we could possibly see."
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