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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
I don't really think that this is a worlld full of Stupidity.. but rather a world full of intolerance..
That's the stupidest thing I've ever read.

Actually it's a world full of evil. The Bible is very clear on that. This is the Christianity section, thus we will discuss this topic from a Christian viewpoint. Interjecting your overly-sentimental, "can't we all just get along?" hogwash into the discussion is off-topic for this section of the forums.

Anyways, I don't think it's a tolerance issue at all and I don't necessarily see it as a stupidity issue. I see it as a perspective issue. We have to remember that those who don't believe in Christ are lost and are going to spend eternity in torment and darkness if we don't do something about it.

Just like we have to learn to have patience with young children, because they simply don't know any better, we need to learn to have the same level of patience with non-believers because, as Jesus said, "They know not what they do."

If someone is using bad language in front of you children, then you are fully within your rights to politely ask them to watch their language. However, don't let it escalate to anything ugly. If the person gets belligerent, then just make sure that your kids know that they are living in a fundamentally evil and corrupt world and Jesus Christ is the only Light for this world. Those who don't believe in Jesus Christ are going to do evil things because they simply can't help themselves (of course, believers in Jesus Christ are still capable of evil, but that's a different topic entirely and needs to be dealt with in a completely different manner).

My parents made sure that we understood that this world was an evil place and that Christ is going to return and destroy it because there is absolutely nothing redeeming about our world in its current state at all. Your children need to understand that as well if they are going to truly understand the teachings of Jesus Christ.
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