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Chris F
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Taking another fellow Christian to task for sinful behavior with the purpose of holding them accountable is one thing. Taking another adult to task (because of your personal views) in a public place is altogether something different.

Foul language is subjective. What is foul to you may not be foul to someone else. In public is fair game. Don't push your standards on someone else. The offended can remove themselves.

In my home would be a different story. I don't have any problems stepping up if I feel something is getting out of line in my home. I have only had to do it once or twice because of my kids though, thank goodness!
Tolerance is acceptance and since the bible say let no filthy communication come from you r mouth letting someone blaspheme the name of our Lord or curse like a sailor in you presence is tantamount to allowing agreeing that it is ok. So not sure why you would think it is ok for someone to blaspheme God in your ear shot. I have thrown away movies because of this. Sure I agree some words are subjective but most are not and they have clean counter parts I should not have to remove myself in an eatery because the teeny bopper next to me is trying to be cool by cussing. I will and have called them out and had them removed from my presence. As a food manager I have kicked people out for cussing. It is not ok just to let them do it especially when there are kids around.
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