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Why are you telling her that she should have more tolerance of others and then say that you also call people out?

If you really want to appreciate differences then you should keep your mouth shut to the ones using the bad language and teach your kids tolerance. You should be focusing on teaching your kids that others may use bad language but that doesn't mean they have to do it also. And, of course, let them know you don't think it appropriate. But you must teach them that they ARE going to hear it from others and it will be their choice if they do it or not. Don't teach your kids that you are willing to make an ass of yourself to protect them. Teach them to be able to witness bad behavior, allow others to be themselves, but to be confident enough not mimick the bad behavior.
Good point.

I wouldn't say I've ever made an ass of myself personally. Most people have no idea how to respond what someones says "please watch your language in front of my children". Then again most people don't say anything to a 6' woman. I find guys usually apologize. If someone just says one cuss word and we are around them for a very limited amount of time I don't say anything. But no way I'm sitting next to some at dinner for my family to hear GD and MF every other word.
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