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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
i agree and just want to add, that there was a reason that brock was a great wrestler, and it wasn't just training and practice

you can train the h@#$ out of richard simmons and i just don't see him being a mma great

take away all of brocks training and accompolishments and you would still have a raw set of natural talent. That talent may be merely understanding and applying leverage or being able to take pain or whatever, but everyone isn't trained into being a champion, you can't make a ncaa champion out of nothing, there has to be something there to work with
Thanks but not everything he has is natural, it's a big misconception. Brock wasn't even recruited out of high school. He went to a junior college, worked on his skills, became a champ, then went to Minnesota and became a champ. That guy worked his ASS off in the gym, developing mental toughness, etc.
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