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Chris F
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What irks me is people who throw up the intolerance excuse to justify their beliefs. The bible never says we are to tolerate sin ever. And it should be confronted at all times. The bible also makes it clear that if you do not confront those in sin and they die in that sin their blood is on your hands. So even if they are stupid people Bama the most Christ like thing to do is let them know they are doing wrong no matter how the person might take it. I have no issue when people call me out for my bluntness because they are right we should tell the truth in love and not with a spinning back fist. A real follower of Christ will not be offended by the correction and try to change.
So i think you are very Chrsit like when you are looking out for your kids. You do not have to tolerate that no matter what SPiritwalker thinks
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