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Default Being Christ-like In A World Full of Stupidity

I'm working really hard to being Christ-like but I find it very difficult with some people. Does anyone else stuggle with this? I'm not the type of person to just take someone's attitude or listen to someone cuss in front of my kids. nor do I deal well with people who work in customer service but don't know how to listen. I often find myself telling people "I'm hanging up before I say something ugly." or asking for the phone number of someone's manager. I can't remember the number of times I've told someone to stop acting stupid in front of my kids even though we are in public places. I wish I didn't get so bothered by the people who my exposed to last a few minutes but it is like I just cannot sit back and take crap from people. There are a number of instances where Jesus was matter of fact with people. How do you know when you are going from standing up for yourself and the atmosphere you want to be exposed to, to being a B?

(Please note I know calling ugly names even in a joking manner is not Christ-like.)
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