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Originally Posted by bj44 View Post
how good would shaq be at basketball if he was 6'6 220.... Brock technique wise isnt a very good wrestle......Not to mention hes 10 years out of his wrestling prime and didnt wrestle at all for over 5 years... Put him in with the college kids now he would get smoked.... Plus he won his national championship on a down year.. He wouldnt beat mocco, neal, konrad or any the other notable nation champs the last 10 years.. If size were equall Randy would of ran cirles around him wrestling wise and would of took him down if brock didnt grab the fence... Thats a far past his prime Randy too.. The one that couldnt take down brandon freaking vera.
Yes, and put Wilt Chamberlain against 7 footers 10 years down the road from his era and he would get smoked, blah blah blah.

Don't you realize how ridiculous your statements are? If MMA or any sport were based on sheer size and athleticism alone, then Tim Sylvia would have been murdered by Mariusz Pudzianowski when they fought. Randy Couture would have been murdered by Gabriel Gonzaga, Tim Sylvia, or Tony Halme (in Randy's first UFC fight).

This guy is WAAAAAAAAAAY bigger, stronger, faster, and more athletic than Tim Sylvia, being that he's won the "World's Strongest Man" title more than once.

I'm now fully convinced that you just enjoy arguing no matter how ridiculous your viewpoint is.
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