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Originally Posted by bj44 View Post
brock will still be a force just because of his insane genetics but really its hard to see somone who cant take a punch ever becoming champ again.... By cant take a punch i dont mean he has a week chin i mean he does his best turtle impression whenever he does get hit..

ps i like how cain is now a power puncher after what he did to brock and nog... I remember when people were calling him pillow fists after the kongo and rothwell fights!!!
I think Brock is a natural enough athlete that he'll be able to get past that. I'm new to kickboxing sparring and a few weeks ago, was curling into the fetal position when getting hit as well. After 1 hour with my sensei, 1 hour with one of my martial arts partners who used to be a pro boxer, now I just roll away from the punches. Brock is a far better athlete than me, I'm sure he'll get past that one without any problems.

LOL, I was saying the same thing after the Kongo fight.
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