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Originally Posted by Tyburn
its a small world isnt it. He wrote as a guest author. What you have to remember is that the above is an edited version of my full letter. His artical wasnt to bad...but he made a silly parallel...he said words to the effect of the UFC doesnt need the WAMMA, and until the WAMMA has the UFC its a hollow institution. I aggree entirely. But then he said that it was like America and the UN...well thats just untrue. American CREATED the UN in part...the UFC did not create WAMMA...America despite what popular opinion is in the US is still involved in the UN...The UFC and WAMMA dont even speak to each other so ive heard.

I expressed all of that by I have no control over what bits they publish...its usually the most dramatic bit I I'm not picking on him...but his anaology was well off...and he was writing for an English Audience which would have seen right through his attempts at saying America needs the UN as little as the UFC need WAMMA

You say he's cute? I didnt get to see his picture's a great analogy. The UN likes to pose & posture & talk about have they have power, but the only time their decrees have any umph is when the US enforces them. If the US said "You know what, this is stupid, we're out!", then the UN would take the moral high ground & blow & bluster, but eventually fall apart.

Similary, WAMMA is pointless with the UFC. They can blow & bluster about MMA needing a governing body (which I completely agree with), but without the UFC, it'll all fall apart soon, especiallyif Fedor somehow ends up in the UFC.
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