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Originally Posted by Tyburn
really. I got one copy of fight magazine...but I wasnt to impressed with the quality of their was like Fighters Only PRE Issue Twenty Three...just lots of bits...and when I wrote to tell them they had Matt Hughes and Robbie Lawler still down as being at MFS they just sent back a pretty standard "thanks for letting us know" letter...I wasnt able to get a foot in the doorway.

Say...If I see him writing in FO again, I'll scan his artical for you to read (not sure you can get FO in the US...and it would only be his artical not the whole Magazine...

I shall go take a look at your thread...dont think ive seen that one

Cool. Fight magazine has Mayhem writing some articles for it. They are hilarious. It isn't as good as say Texas Monthly, but for an MMA mag it's my fave.


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