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Agreed, he's going to be a huge handful for anybody at 155. In his past few fights, I haven't heard him talking cocky but confident and mentioning the good in his opponents. I'd say he's reached the level where his maturity has caught up with his talents, and his trainers are helping him apply everything properly. Good luck to anybody in his way. I believe he will be champ within 2 years.
i think he still has to work on his wrestling .. it is getting better .. i think a guy like guida with a good chin and smothering abiliities would be able to takedown melvin and either ride him out to victory or frustrate him to a sub .. but no doubt jackson is working on that ... he is still very young ... my question is though, what happens when he gets older? will he still be nicknamed the young assassin? the middle aged assassin? the aging assassin?

just wondering ...
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