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i know what you mean. i'm not totally nekked because i have kids but i go outside to get something outta my car or let the dog in without much on. usually when i walk in the door my pants come off. sounds weird now that i said that out loud....anyway my neighbor has come over so many times while we were eating dinner and i was not wearing shorts now i just say...."dang close your eyes" , he laughs, then i run to the bedroom to get some drawers....

my husband keeps getting onto me but i say i just want to be comfy!!

i do live in the boonies but for some reason my neighbor walks over...if he only drove i'd hear him.

donna the forums usually pretty boring you sure spiced it up today!!

This is what happens when I have a snow day. I get all wacky. Some are influenced by the moon.........I get snow drunk.

I think I posted more today than I have all year!
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