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Originally Posted by TENNESSEAN View Post
your right, my bad i typed before i thought. i think dave should write them a letter.
Actually, I made a mistake in my calculation. Thanks for mentioning "17" because I had 16. Rechecked and had to add another fight to the list - Matt Hughes I (I know, I know, but I didn't mark the even or opponent on my first calculation). That made the average fight time 13.423...min or 13 minutes and 25 seconds (16 seconds away from #10)

However, if we go with the recent track record for both GSP and Jake Shields, this fight will last the full 25 minutes and given that, would put GSP at 14.066666... or 14 minutes and 10 seconds/fight and would put him at #8 on the list ahead of Jens Pulver, which should make Dave happy
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