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1984-2009 Southern Baptist

My mom never even let me visit a non-SB church until I was 15. Once while visiting my brother in FL when I was 12 or 13 his girlfriend took me to a Church of God. My mom got super pissed over it. It was like I was doomed to help for them taking me there.

So after being born and rasied baptist and only attenting baptist churches for the majority of my adult life I was quite nervous when my husband came home and announced we would be going to an Assembly of God church that Sunday because he wanted to play softball with their team.

That Sunday I would meet people who would soon show me something miraculous. I would soon come to see something oozing from in a super natural way. The people at Bridge of Life AoG Montgomery covey the love of God to others in a way that makes it seem as is the building itself physically has love seeping from every nook.
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