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This one may come as a bit of a shock to some..

I graduated in 84.. so I am a child of punk, disco, and many other types of music
I love various sound track.. classical.. and just about every type of music...there are some Colombian and Japanese, traditional and modern music that I just can't get enough of...

I am also a "closet country fan"... SHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!

And granted most of the country I like is "pop" country... but there is one song... that just slays me....

I load my ipod up with random tunes every week or so.... and listen to it at work.. most of the time it's background noise.. I do really get into some kick arese tunes.. but I haven't heard this one in a LONG time.. and I heard it.. I pretty much stopped.. and just listened.. and even year later.. this song still can choke me up...
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