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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
Its possible he could burn out or hes gonna fight himself outta of the UFC. I mean how much can u improve ur skills if ur constantly fighting and not training new or improving existing ones?
Yeah thats a very good point, a lot of times you hear people saying "For this fight you're going to see a whole new (insert name of fighter)" sometimes thats hype (BJ), but sometimes a big loss, or an injury (Mir), change in weight (Diego) or camp can really transform a fighter. But training 6 weeks for a for a fight, 4 or 5 fights in a row can't be conducive to an improved skill set.

Maybe he doesn't want to disappear into training for 4 months, during which people may be thinking, "Hey whatever happened to Kos... oh yeah he got KOd by a no name and faded away into obscurity."

Maybe if he has another highlight reel KO over Wilson, he can take a little break, have a full camp and then comeback and fight a top 10 or 5 ranked WW. Though Fitch and Swick are also at AKA, and GSP is the champ, Sheilds is at Strikeforce, Sanchez dropped to 55... after that theres only Hughes or maybe an Alves rematch and I guess we'll keep an eye on how Carlos Condit is doing.

Looks like its going to be a long and tough road back to the top of the WW division
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