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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid
Haha, that is weird. And no I am not the MFSer that you speak of. I have a background in wrestling, and I used to use a moved called the Cement Job, or Cement Mixer a lot when I first started learning BJJ/MMA... which isn't always advantageous, so the guys started using cement/concrete puns to make fun of me... and the fact that I am an engineer for a company that designs cement plants didn't help.

I would like to say its because I have hands like concrete or something badass like that (even though thats more lame than anything else) but no, it's because I'm an enginerd with bad wrestling habbits, and I'm 22, 5'5 130lbs (like 9 stone... I assume thats what you use/understand) so thats where the Kid part came from.
wow wish I was 9 stone

It was funny because I saw him comment on a photo of someone else in the MFS Hub and I thought...what a bizzare cooincodence, soooo I inquired as to whether it was he...he told me that the only account he had ever had was a looooong time ago on the Underground...but that he might come check this place if we get a new registered person and you get a PM from them out of the blue asking about your name...its probably him

I havent a clue what his real name is though...I do know that he's somehow related to Matt Pena least that is his claim, and I know he's quite close to Patrick Miletich...other then that, I know nothing...except he calls himself concreatekid LOL
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