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Default Which Churches have you be involved with

I discovered that I've almost never been away from something I considered a Church

1982-Infant Baptism into The Church of England
1982-2000 Saint Georges Church Swallowbeck, Lincoln
1997-1998 First Questioning
2000-2003 Sherbourne Road Community Church Bradford
2001-Second Questioning
2000-2002 The Anglican Chaplanicy and Touchstone Methodist Centre Bradford
2003-2003 The American Pentecostal Church of The Harvest Bradford
2003-Adult Confirmation into The Church of England
2003-2005 Saint Paul's Cathedral Lay Community and Saint Paul's Cathedral London
2003-2004 Heythrop College (Jesuit) London
2005-2006 Saint Peters Church Harrogate
2006-2008 Matt Hughes Forum Christian Section, online
2008 interegnum
2008-Church Search 2008
2008-2010 Christ Church on The Stray Harrogate
2011-church Search 2011

I have coloured in the gaps where church was lacking Between about the May of 2006 and the November of 2007, this place was pretty much a church to me

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