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I'm excited for the fight to happen. Ill pay my $$$ and watch but I'm going to call it as the most boring fight of all time. No joke I think it will be a snooze fest.

The only exciting fights that AS has had are against aggressive opponents. GSP is probably the least aggressive fighter of all time.

When GSP's confidence is low it is very clear in his fighting. Hes going to have to much at stake in this fight. He wont press the action.

Go ahead folks let me have it! Am I wrong?
yes you are wrong....GSP takes him to the ground and pounds on him for a bit then subs him with an arm bar...the whole thing should take about a minute and a half or so i would say.

it will be bye bye Anderson....the goof needs a good Sh** kicking....and GSP is just the guy to give it to there.

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