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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
like a thread...locked.. and unlocked.. so that a person can insult me.. and then locked again.. so I can not respond?

Amy locked a thread.. and she has never (publicly) taken any side.... so no fault there..

Where have I ever posted that you were out to get me? Show me.

You couldn't "get me" if you tried..

All you try to do is get a last word in, so you can claim some type of victory.

Sorry .. for me.. to have a disagreement stopped is stopped.. not stopped and then one side get's to throw another verbal insult and walk away...
Originally Posted by Jonlion View Post
Glad the thread was locked as i had some burners to throw in there regarding Britian losing its balla and us all being snotty!

We are not and here is proof

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