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Default UFC Quick Quote: 'Rampage' Jackson is 'probably next in line' for a light heavyweight

UFC Quick Quote: 'Rampage' Jackson is 'probably next in line' for a light heavyweight title shot"

Since he beat Lyoto.. I can see it.. but I think that If Jones wants a title shot.. he should have to beat Lyoto.. first... And I do not see that...

If Jones beats Bader.. I don't see that doing alot for him. IMO.. Bader is good.. but not really a top 10 contender...

I don't see Lyoto vs Randy as a meaningful fight.. If (big IF) Randy wins... he has said that he doesn't see a title shot for him.. and losing to Randy.. really hurts Lyoto... If Lyoto beats Randy... it doesn't do much more for Lyoto's "rep".

"(The light heavyweight) division is interesting. There's so many guys at 205, (but) Rampage is probably next in line. Rampage is still in the mix. You've got Jon Jones fighting Bader, which is going to be a great fight that catapults one of those guys into the top five. The big problem with the 205-pound division has been, Shogun's injury has been clogging up the division. So now he's healthy and gonna fight, and we're getting everything rolling here."

-- If you thought Jon Jones vs Ryan Bader was going to be a number one contender fight then it looks like you were wrong. At a recent Q & A session (via UFC President Dana White proclaimed that Quinton Jackson is the guy who is most likely to earn the next shot at the light heavyweight strap. That is of course, dependent upon his getting through a tough challenge against Thiago Silva at UFC 130 over the Memorial Day weekend. If "Rampage" beats his Brazilian opponent on May 28, should he get the winner of "Shogun" Rua vs Rashad Evans at UFC 128? Which rematch is more intriguing? Let's hear it, Maniacs.
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