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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
I wouldn't go as far as him going all the way to the back... In my Eyes Chael kicked the living s^!t out of Silva but he still lost.

Just like Frankie beat Maynard and still ended up with a bulls^!t Draw.

Forrest beat Rampage (period)

He also beat Shogun weather you like it or not.
Don't come to me with that Bulls^!t that Shogun's knee was the reason Forrest beat him.
O yeah I forgot Shogun lost because he couldn't use his knee to block the Rear Naked Choke!!!! Baha ha ha ha!!! okay.

lol post all the pics you want right now shogun is the champ and forrest needs a split decision to beat tito ortiz... A fight from 4 years ago with an injured shogun are about as relevent as dennis hallmans wins over matt hughes.
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