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Originally Posted by bj44 View Post
your right so it doesnt matter that anderson got dominated by chael for 4 rounds... A win is a win and a loss is a loss.... Chael should go to the back of the line and start over...
I wouldn't go as far as him going all the way to the back... In my Eyes Chael kicked the living s^!t out of Silva but he still lost.

Just like Frankie beat Maynard and still ended up with a bulls^!t Draw.

Forrest beat Rampage (period)

He also beat Shogun weather you like it or not.
Don't come to me with that Bulls^!t that Shogun's knee was the reason Forrest beat him.
O yeah I forgot Shogun lost because he couldn't use his knee to block the Rear Naked Choke!!!! Baha ha ha ha!!! okay.

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