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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
"... All these fighters are really, really, really concerned about one thing, winning. And itís not that Iím not concerned about that, but Iíve been in their shoes for a long time and thatís all I was concerned about too.

Translation: "This is my pre-losing excuse."

"But more concerned than winning, I want to show everybody my fighting spirit. What happens when I step into the ring, itís either going to be the best win, best loss or best draw you ever [expletive] saw... Itís just that everybodyís in different places in their lives; heís looking for title shot, all these people are looking to come up, some people looking to win to keep their job and this and that. Iím just looking to show my fighting spirit."

Translation: "I'm pretty sure I can't win this fight, so I will try to minimize the importance of winning it by making yet another excuse (i.e. I don't care if I win"
LOL you and I think the same

*most of the time*
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