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Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
And I felt that your comment about our President's opinion was extremely rude to our President. So I called this comment crap. Not your entire post. If defending our President is a waste of time then I'm happy to waste my time stating my opinion. You're welcome to think low of our President's opinion, but I'm welcome to call a disrespect flag on posting things of that nature.
Sometimes your President does speak rubbish.

Case in point...France is a better Ally to the United States then Britain

Which is what he said in public when joined by the President of The Frog Republic.

Thats unsupported nonsence. Increadibly offensive in the face of our sacrifices....and I am not afraid to say it like it is. He shouldnt have said it, he should be ashamed of himself for saying it...and he doesnt deserve our continued support for saying it.

One should never reward bad behaviour.
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