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I love this card with the exception of the main event which i see as a one sided beating.

Bader vs Jones
I like both of this fighters but I think Baders conditioning will be a big factor in this fight he tends to gas out very quick. If Bader lands those powerful bombs i think he can put Johnny Bones to sleep. We haven't really seen Jones take a punch or any damage so far. I would really like to see Bader knock him out. I think Jones is getting caught up on hes hype train I don't really like his cockiness He is a great fighter don't get me wrong but I don't think he has proven himself yet.

Silva vs Belfort
I see Anderson vs Maia 2 right here. Belfort hasn't fought in what 10 years???
I think Silva is going to put a beating on him I hope he does because the only one that is going to beat Silva will be Sonnen when he comes back. Cause he will be back J.B. !!! Silva's days are numbered

Griffin vs Franklin

Awwwww I cant wait for this fight!!! Both of this fighters are on my Favorites list with Forrest being number 1 and Franklin on the top 5.
I love both of this fighters but I really hope Forrest can put him away and Choke out Shogun again for the title.
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