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First I would just like to say it was TOO kind of the UFC to plan this card just so I could have 3 fighter I like fighting on MY birthday. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Seeing Ryan shirtless is the best gift to see.

Ok enough of that. What do yall think of the Forrest / Rich and Bader /Jones matchups? I live Forrest and Rich so I don't favor one over the other. I think they are pretty well matched in the stand up if Forrest shows up at his best. I think this one has the potential to go to a decision. I wonder if Forrest will be aggressive? He is going to need to be if he plans on winning.

I hope to see Ryan pull off the win. I wonder if he can match Jones's speed. Jones was a wrestler too right? I see this ending in a KO.

And finally I think if Belfort can knock Silva out it will truly make this the greatest birthday ever. My friend has said for the past 2 years (or maybe more) if anyone can beat Silva is's Belfort. Hope he is right.
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