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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
If you would have read what I wrote I said I just happened upon the blog about BO responding to Matt while I was searching for the story about Volkmann so I shared it. 2nd, I am fully aware of the politics section, and this has EVERYTHING to do with professional fighting according to your own post. He is getting treated more harshly over his views because he is a fighter. So I am so sorry if you don't like where I post, but this topic is related to the UFC, politics, and fighting. And do me a favor, don't call what I write "crap". It is really rude. If you see it as "crap" don't post on it. That would be an admission that you waste your time on "crap".
I just reread your post to see if I had missed something. Perhaps you forgot to say that you happened upon the blog about the President responding to Matt while you were searching for the story about Volkmann as it is not in the post that I was responding to. So yes, the first time I did read your post...hence my post which centered on failing to see a connection between the two topics. The connection now, however, does make sense so thank you for explaining it.

And I felt that your comment about our President's opinion was extremely rude to our President. So I called this comment crap. Not your entire post. If defending our President is a waste of time then I'm happy to waste my time stating my opinion. You're welcome to think low of our President's opinion, but I'm welcome to call a disrespect flag on posting things of that nature. It seemed to me Matt's post centered on showing respect and that he felt Senator McCain showed President Obama respect in his title and President Obama didn't show Senator McCain this respect. That was the message I got behind it. Yet your quote that I called crap seemed very disrespectful to President Obama, more for the opinion comment then calling him "BO" too. Just trying to make the point that I wasn't trying to be rude to you or attack you as a person. I simply did not like the comment.

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