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Are y'all sure he's been suspended by the UFC? I haven't seen that; I did read where he was suspended from his part-time job as a wrestling coach in one of the articles I linked above in a previous post. Here's a paragraph from it:

That one comment has become quite the headache for Volkmann, who has reportedly been visited and investigated by the Secret Service, and has now been put on administrative leave at his part-time job as assistant wrestling coach at White Bear Lake High School.
Also this from Volkmann:

In a new interview with MMA Weekly, Volkmann shared the following sentiments: “There’s too many people that are too sensitive out there… I guess you’re definitely not supposed to have an opinion about certain policies that effect you… Last I checked we’re not in the Soviet Union… I talked to Monte (Cox) and Monte talked to the UFC and Joe Silva, and he said they’re not upset about it. They’re with me on this one.”
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