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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
Someone outside of the forum mentioned to me maybe the UFC has a policy where if a fighter is even being suspected of comiting a crime (a credible threat is, clearly this was not so no crime was committed) the suspend them to protect themselves legally. Also, considering how far the UFC has come in defending itself, after thinking about this some more, I can see why they would make this move to show that they do not advocate violence.
Well yes...I suppose they could have that. I understand then suspending people who bad mouth them in public, I understand them suspending people who have broken the law and are in trouble...but if the Secret Services have CLEARED Volkmann...then what are the UFC waiting for?? must they really do an investigation of their own...and if really shouldnt take very long at all.

The only Justification I can see is one of two things...firstly that a SAC has a problem with him. If they are terribly which case, the UFC should simply not put him on a card in their state...OR that he's gonna get done for Conduct which in the opinion of the Management brings the UFC into disrepute...but he's not able, as a fighter, to speak on behalf of the anyone who thinks what he's said must be the view of the whole company is being maybe if Joe Rogan said something like that during a match...then I can understand...but he's a fighter who very few have taken any notice of until now

oh....and most Americans would aggree with him. its not like he's some minority view...he's probably just saying what the entire country was thinking. VERY few Americans were happy with the Health Reform...even half the Democrats.

I think the UFC will damage themselves more by drawing attention to Volkmann...they are best forgetting about it. The Secret Service cleared him, he meant it as a joke...lets move on with our lives!
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