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Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
We do have a Politics section. It was brought about because people don't like seeing crap like "Note to BO, Matt's opinions are WAY more important than yours (or at least to me they are)." in the main MMA sections or even the Woodshed. Especially when that section of your thread had to do with showing RESPECT given the person's title. "BO's" title is President of the United States. We can all show him some respect. Keep this crap to the Politics section as it had absolutely nothing to do with a professional fighter directly or indirectly threatening OUR President.
Respect is earned. I respect The Office...but I no longer have any respect for him...and this thread was primarily about Jacob Volkmann being suspended from the UFC...its directly linked to the UFC and therefore fine to be in either this section or the politics.

people...if you dont like something, dont read, dont respond. But DONT be unneedfully rude or mean.
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