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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
Have you all heard about Jacob Volkmann (UFC fighter who I have never heard of) getting suspended from the UFC for making a joke about wanting to knock some sense into Obama? I looked and didn't see another post on this topic which suprised me since it has been a big story. I've looked everywhere to find out why the UFC would actually suspend him over this. I think that's stupid. It was clearly made as a joke. I can understand the school he coaches at suspending him better than I can the UFC doing it. It really ticks me off. I'd like for the UFC to stay away from becoming a Big Brother over fighters when it comes to their take on politics.

And, this is from 2008, but if no one has seen it, apparently BO responded to some comments Hughes made about him. Note to BO, Matt's opinions are WAY more important than yours (or at least to me they are). And the only person less partiotic than BO is maybe Pelosi.
I remember Barack Obama responding to Matt Hughes Blog some years ago...and I am aware of the joke said by Jacob Volkmann...I was not aware that he had been suspended from the UFC for it...and I think thats increadibly wrong. It was obviously a joke...the UFC have no right to be partisan in any way, and therefore no right to punish a fighter for his political beliefs.
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