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In another thread we spoke about the fact that if a professional fighter were to attack someone, it would be assault with a deadly weapon. (I think that's what the thread stated, could have been something else but it was a higher degree of assault).

Here we have a fighter who said, "Someone needs to knock some sense into that idiot." And he is a professional fighter and with this status, his hands are viewed as a weapon. Like it or not, you might be checked in by the Secret Service if you're a fighter and state this. They didn't haul him off and use waterboarding on him. They questioned him.

Why Barrack Obama "responding" to Matt was brought into this discussion I don't know.

We do have a Politics section. It was brought about because people don't like seeing crap like "Note to BO, Matt's opinions are WAY more important than yours (or at least to me they are)." in the main MMA sections or even the Woodshed. Especially when that section of your thread had to do with showing RESPECT given the person's title. "BO's" title is President of the United States. We can all show him some respect. Keep this crap to the Politics section as it had absolutely nothing to do with a professional fighter directly or indirectly threatening OUR President.
If you would have read what I wrote I said I just happened upon the blog about BO responding to Matt while I was searching for the story about Volkmann so I shared it. 2nd, I am fully aware of the politics section, and this has EVERYTHING to do with professional fighting according to your own post. He is getting treated more harshly over his views because he is a fighter. So I am so sorry if you don't like where I post, but this topic is related to the UFC, politics, and fighting. And do me a favor, don't call what I write "crap". It is really rude. If you see it as "crap" don't post on it. That would be an admission that you waste your time on "crap".
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