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Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
In another thread we spoke about the fact that if a professional fighter were to attack someone, it would be assault with a deadly weapon. (I think that's what the thread stated, could have been something else but it was a higher degree of assault).

Here we have a fighter who said, "Someone needs to knock some sense into that idiot." And he is a professional fighter and with this status, his hands are viewed as a weapon. Like it or not, you might be checked in by the Secret Service if you're a fighter and state this. They didn't haul him off and use waterboarding on him. They questioned him.

Why Barrack Obama "responding" to Matt was brought into this discussion I don't know.

We do have a Politics section. It was brought about because people don't like seeing crap like "Note to BO, Matt's opinions are WAY more important than yours (or at least to me they are)." in the main MMA sections or even the Woodshed. Especially when that section of your thread had to do with showing RESPECT given the person's title. "BO's" title is President of the United States. We can all show him some respect. Keep this crap to the Politics section as it had absolutely nothing to do with a professional fighter directly or indirectly threatening OUR President.
She said he was a UFC fighter so I guess that's why she chose to post it in this forum. The other quote she posted involved Obama also, and Matt (from 2008), and she wasn't sure if we had seen it before so she included it. She didn't bring up the "respect" thing, that was from what was quoted from Matt's blog and why Obama was asked about it back then.

As for your "crap" comment, couldn't you have just said, "I think maybe this would be better in the politics forum."

Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
whether or not he made a threat or not, he decided to open his mouth and he got what he deserved .. it's a two way street .. who knew that interview was gonna get played on youtube and tons of people were going to see it ... just like when the dixie chicks said they were embarrassed the president was from texas or whatever ... they didn't threaten him, but opened their mouth and got the backlash .... should have people boycotted their albums and bulldozed their cd's? should they been have dropped by sponsors? i don't know .. but they opened their mouths and had to pay the price ...
I'm glad you brought the Chicks up, RNC. I absolutely hated what happened to them. I think it was wrong. I don't think Natalie Maines should have said what she did when and where she did, but I don't think they should have been black balled/listed like they were. As to Volkmann, after seeing the interview where he made the comment, it sounds like he just mentioned Obama off the cuff intially. Don't know that the secret service needed to be involved or that he should be suspended from his job over it. People do make comments all the time about political figures including presidents. Doesn't mean a comment made calls for "consequences" especially where people lose their jobs and livelihood.

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