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if you are gonna say something stupid about the president, you should at least be ready to pay the consequences ... i didn't hear he got suspended by the ufc, but they don't like bad press and if you aren't making them lots a money, you better just keep quiet and do your job, which is fighting
Do you know how many people have made similar comments and post their views all over the internet? I bet there are post on here where I've said what I would like to do to Pelosi. He didn't make a direct threat. He was asked who he wanted to fight next and he said BO. It wasn't like he was running around threaten to choke the president out. I think it is crap that he is getting treated this way. If he made a joke about wanting to fight Bush everyone would have laughed. Kanye would have been tweeting how this guy is the best fighter ever.

You are right about the way the UFC works if your not a money maker though.
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