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Default Volkmann's newest fan / BO responsed to Hughes comments

Have you all heard about Jacob Volkmann (UFC fighter who I have never heard of) getting suspended from the UFC for making a joke about wanting to knock some sense into Obama? I looked and didn't see another post on this topic which suprised me since it has been a big story. I've looked everywhere to find out why the UFC would actually suspend him over this. I think that's stupid. It was clearly made as a joke. I can understand the school he coaches at suspending him better than I can the UFC doing it. It really ticks me off. I'd like for the UFC to stay away from becoming a Big Brother over fighters when it comes to their take on politics.

And, this is from 2008, but if no one has seen it, apparently BO responded to some comments Hughes made about him. Note to BO, Matt's opinions are WAY more important than yours (or at least to me they are). And the only person less partiotic than BO is maybe Pelosi.

Senator Barack Obama responds to UFC fighter Matt Hughes
Last week, UFC fighter Matt Hughes wrote on his blog that one of the reasons he's voting for John McCain is that he doesn't feel as though Barack Obama shows McCain the respect he deserves.

"I want the President to be a good role model, Senator McCain always addresses Barack Obama as Mr. or Senator Obama. Barack always addresses Mr. McCain as John McCain. I like the respect value that Mr. McCain always shows. I dislike that Barack seems to show no respect for Mr. McCain. Barack not putting his hand over his heart during the Pledge also falls under the respect factor."
Steve Cofield of the Yahoo! MMA Experts Blog interviewed Obama yesterday and the presidential candidate got the chance to respond to Hughes' criticisms.

"I say two things, number one I call Senator McCain 'Senator McCain' all the time. There may be times where I have slipped in something else but generally speaking if you look at the tone of this campaign, I would argue that nobody's been more respectful to Senator McCain regarding his heroism during World War II [and] talking positively about some of the work that he's done. And in terms of that whole issue of putting hand over heart, that just wasn't the case. There was one occasion when I was singing the [Star Spangled Banner] and didn't put my hand over my heart but nobody is more patriotic than I am. My Grandfather fought in World War II and was in Patton's army. He taught me early on about love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for country."
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