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Originally Posted by DonnaMaria View Post
Long story short........

My 14 year old fell off our porch last September and sprained her ankle badly but didn't break it. We had X rays done and they didn't find anything broken. But she is a very slim girl with tiny ankles and her injured one was the size of a softball for about two weeks. We iced it and she used crutches and a brace for a while.

She worked back up to dancing 4 times a week with some pain and limited movement but we seemed to be on the right track.

Then last night after dance she rolled on the same ankle and heard a pop and immediately the ankle swelled up to softball size again. We are icing it and she has it up but is there anything else we can do for it? Our doctor said to just ice it and give her Advil but is there anything else?

Obviously I should take her to a specialist, right?
alternate heat and cold (is what I always did)
5 minutes in ice bath
5 in warm water
The expanding and restricting of the blood vessels should aid in the repair.
if she's tiny then any swelling is going to appear larger than it would on someone of larger build.

My two cents if it persists I can ask my Muay Thai teacher who is a sports medicine rehab specialist.
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