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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
I have not seen Jens here(OK) yet. I like Pulver and if I got some spare cash will pick one up for my collection. My search right now is to get the Rampage Series 5 pride figure. But it has sold quickly and htey only put 1 in each box of 12. Matt Serra and Stephan Bonnar are real easy to find
That is the first and only one of Pulver that I have seen here either. And I was in the little girl's toy section and there it lay; Jens staring up at me looking so out of place. The box was all dented up. (I straightened it the best I could. lol) I knew I had to get it.

btw It cost 4 TIMES as much to mail it as the doll itself did. Stupid postal service! And for that price they should have overnighted it!
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