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Indeed!!! Denise is a fantastic friend!! but so are all of you on here!! the amount of things that people from here have sent me over my near half decade on this site, and the ammount of stuff I have been presented with by people whilst on my US Tour beggers belief.

I am so pleased to be part of this place and to have communication with you all. I know not everyone can afford to send stuff...thats not the most important thing anyway. The most important thing is friendship...and out of that sometimes gifts flow when people have the time and money to spare. But I value everyone on hear who will talk to me

But...Denise is quite special....I remember WAY back, I'd only just arrived on this website, and during the summer of 2006 she sent me a package and in it was a Matt-Hughes T-shirt...AND Jens Pulvers first book, which we had been scouring the face of the planet for, because its not easy to come by now, I think it has a bizzare canadian publisher, and not sure its even in print at present.

Denise told me that she had located one on ebay, but I couldnt use ebay because you had to set up a paypal account and because I was in debt at the time after london, my credit rating wouldnt allow me to do it. So she got the book and after reading it, she gave it to me
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