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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Well its been a rollercoaster today....I got up and was feeling fine, then I felt nervous coz my mother was having an opporation at the hospital but Father texted me to tell me it went well, but then this afternoon I felt icky...and then I came home and felt I went to the laundrette and took my book with me...but on the way back I lost my bookmark, and then I was really sad because it was a present to me when I graduated from a close I felt sad and then I pigged out a little (thankfully I didnt spend any money...I just had some cerial and at least it used up the olde milk) so then I felt uber bad because of I texted my friend and told him all about it...and he replied to say that everything passes away but we remain and that we are going to meet up again soon...and now I feel happy again

I love this place...its like a little online world full of the nicest friends
Hope your mom has a swift recovery, Dave.
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