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A better comparison would be pedophiles. Something that is considered a crime right now, but with the way things are going, we will be having this exact same discussion 20-30 years from now about a man's "right" to have sex with a 5-year-old boy.

Don't believe me? Do a search on NAMBLA and read about what they stand for. The most disturbing fact about pedophiles is that the children they victimize are not always unwilling sexual partners.

If you side with the homosexuals now, then you MUST also side with the pedophiles when it comes time for them to demand their "rights." Otherwise, there is a flaw in your logic. Because, LOGICALLY, if a man is born with a preference for men; then, LOGICALLY, a person could also be born with a preference for children, multiple partners, animals, etc. And who are you to deny those people their "civil rights"?

I can't help but bring my belief in GOD into this. For those of us who truly believe in GOD and in His Son, Jesus Christ, then there is no way to form an opinion about anything without bringing GOD into it.

I agree that "All men are created equal" but that is a completely separate issue from military service. No one has a right to serve in the military. You might as well claim that those who are born blind, deaf, mentally handicapped, or unable to walk are having their civil rights violated by being denied military service.

This is not a civil rights issue. Those who believe it is have simply fallen for the deception.
here you go Bonnie....i know you must have just missed this post from near the beginning of this thread.
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