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Brad you need to take a class in logic you are cluess man. BTW sodomy is still illegal in almost every state the problem is they do not enforce those laws on fear of lawsuit. So cities and states cave in order to spare the cost. You may want to educate yourself before you flap your gums with such nonsesne. So lets review so you can understand. Your logic is that they are different because one is illegal the other is not. The facts are in most municpalites they are both illegal. So you case is shot go dig up a better excuse. BTW I noticed NateR found some leaks in your argument but I'll addresst that comment when I get to it.

Hi all. I tried to stay out of this but found myself unable. There are so many things I wish to reply to, some have already been touched upon, but I'll do my best to leave them be. Happy New Year to all.

Hey Chris, most states (if not all) abolished the laws against sodomy as they were ruled as being unconstitutional. Read the highlights of the Supreme Court case Lawrence vs Texas. What about the equal protection clause? Do you think not allowing gays to serve violates this?
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