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Section 533 of Title 28 of the United States Code disagrees with you about the validity of the FBI. It's also been around for years and the only people I hear calling for it to be abolished is Ron Paul and his supporters or hippy conspiracy theorists who think the whole world is out to get them.

To comment about child porn being legal, that's what I'm afraid of if we left it in the hands of locals. You will have small sections of the country with radical views going out of their way to push that kind of crap through based on some retarded principle. Just like you have judges in Vermont right now giving probation to people who rape children.

On second thought, maybe we should let some random state or county legalize that crap...then when all the pervs flock there we can drop a bomb on the place.
Welcome to America that was and is the whole point behaind a republican for of gov with a constitution. That was the founders plan. This is why some states had slavery while others did not etc etc. By the people for the people not by the gov for the feds.
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